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Say Hello to the LEX Mobile App!

LEX Reception loves empowering business owners to ditch the office and work from anywhere by having our virtual receptionists available to take your calls 24/7. Now you can enjoy even more freedom with our LEX Mobile app available in Google Play and iTunes. With the LEX mobile app you can:

Access your messages instantly

Have your Dashboard at your fingertips with one click, and view your messages in real-time. You can even forward your messages by email or text. Wherever you go, you’ve got a team of virtual receptionists in your pocket.

Message Details

Messages in Lex Mobile App












Keep an eye on your data

Getting a lot of calls lately? While a sudden surge in business is a great problem to have, we don’t want you to worry about outgrowing your pricing plan. With the LEX mobile app, easily check your usage to make sure you’re not going over your minutes.

Plan Usage

Upgrade your plan

If you are using more minutes than expected, simply upgrade your plan. No overage fees, no contracts. We scale up or down with you.

Upgrade your plan with Lex mobile app

Download the LEX mobile app from Google Play or iTunes. Our development team is hard at work bringing even more exciting features to the LEX mobile app. Subscribe to the blog to stay in the loop!

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to

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