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“Share Your Why” Winners!

We’ve recently written a post on 3 Ways to Rediscover Your Why featuring some wonderful examples from our clients. We wanted to hear more! We put out a call for our clients to share your Why—either in the blog post comments, on our Facebook page, or on Twitter—and held a drawing for two lucky participants to win a $25 Amazon gift card.

Congratulations to Andres Mejer of Andres Mejer Law and Howard Snader from the Law Office of Howard A. Snader L.L.C. for winning! Andres shared this moving video, and Howard gave us a glimpse into his journey towards finding his Why:

“My business did not truly begin to grow until I defined my WHY. It was not easy. I had to really dig into how I was driven to a career in Criminal Law. I grew up with parents that stressed helping others, defending the helpless, and making sure that ‘doing right’ was paramount…regardless of personal cost. Graduating from law school, I thought being a prosecutor would permit me to satisfy my ‘why.’ I was wrong. Political correctness and treating everyone equally was the chorus sung by prosecutors. Justice and fairness often took a backseat. As a defense attorney, I can use my talents and skill to fight for justice, seek a fair outcome, and protect those that most others won’t stand up for.”

A huge thank you to all of the participants. LexReception’s Why is to make the world a better place by helping business owners like you grow and achieve your goals through working smarter. We’re so honored to be a part of your story!

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