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We're Your Voice

Boutique virtual receptionist that fits your business.

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So much more than an answering service

We could call ourselves a live answering service. And that would be accurate. We're here all day every day, ready to take your calls. But we're so much more than that. We're your ambassadors. We treat every caller like our first priority, with warmth and professionalism. We're your lead capture desk. We're your appointment-setters. We're virtual reception at its finest. We're your secret weapon.

Check Out Some High Praise From Our Happy Clients

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    Kenneth Holley

    I was looking for some sort of receptionist service. We went through a few, and ended up settling on Lex. I will tell you that the client feedback that we received as a result of that has been unanimously positive. It's been fantastic. We've received many compliments since switching to Lex for our receptionist needs - highly professional, friendly, and courteous!

    -Information Systems Integration

  • testimonial-pic

    Richard James

    We've found Lex Reception to answer the phone on time in a professional manner, and they can tie into our calendar system to schedule appointments. Better yet, they help the entrepreneurial attorneys ensure that they never miss a call and can handle the volume of a high performing lead generation campaign. We've a great experience with Lex.

    -Automated Business Results, LLC

  • testimonial-pic

    Robert David Malove

    I got great service in from Lex staff in drafting the scripts for the receptionists to use. Their online software is as easy as pie to use and is very user friendly. The transition from my previous virtual receptionist service to Lex has been seamless. The feedback from my clients has been 100% positive. Would I recommend Lex Reception to others looking for a 1st class professional virtual answering service? Yes! Yes! Yes! I would recommend Lex Receptionists without any reservation whatsoever.

    -The Law Office of Robert David Malove

  • testimonial-pic

    Peggy Hammerschmidt

    With Lex we're getting those people's phone calls. And because they have a script, those people don't realize they're not talking to someone in our office, and they're setting appointments. Lex took at least two phone calls and made two appointments on their first weekend. Those people came in, retained us, and just like that made us somewhere between $4,000 to $5,000 just by making those appointments. If we waited until Monday morning, those people would have spoken to somebody else or gone someplace else. They sold me after that.

    -Hammerschmidt, Stickradt, & Associates

  • testimonial-pic

    Jose Vega

    We use Lex Reception for our overflow call handling and have had a great experience so far. They are much more than just receptionists. The platform allows us at Legal Translations, Inc. to route client calls in a smart way depending on who is calling.

    -Vega Interpreters, Inc

  • testimonial-pic

    Doug Koenig

    I like Lex's flexibility with scripts. I've been able to make changes and tell you if I'm on vacation.All my clients tell me they love my receptionist. Several of them have come in here wanting to meet whoever answers the phone. A lot of my calls get answered by Angela. She's apparently great. I think it's pretty cool when people come in and want to say thank you to the receptionist for scheduling something, and I have to tell them, well she doesn't actually work in this building. And then they're like, "Oh really? I'm so sad." So that's a tremendous testament to you guys.

    -The Law Offices of Douglas E. Koenig, PLLC

  • testimonial-pic

    Stephen Hamilton

    We have used various "answering services" in the past. We are very impressed with Lexreception and their ability to screen data and provide us info in real time. Keep up the good work!

    -Hamilton, Hull & Byrd, Attorneys at Law

How LexReception Works

Off-site reception that's always on.

Savvy people representing your organization
at all hours of the day (or night).

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A 24/7 Answering Service with a Boutique Feel

We get to know our clients. We take the time to understand your business and build your scripts from the ground up. Being in the answering service business, we understand the importance of communication. We keep in touch, keep you informed, and are only a chat/email/call away. Partner with a virtual answering service that treats you like their most important client. Always.

LexReception Is Simple

Let us take care of your phone calls while you take care of business.
We'll make your company shine.