This month, our mission to hear more has taken us to Panthera, a non-profit that develops conservation projects aimed at preserving wild cats across the world. Like them, we hope to see a world where all cats can thrive in their natural landscapes. Our donation will be supporting their Tigers Forever program to increase tiger populations across Asia.  

Team LEX is committed to giving back to the planet, and we are so grateful to our receptionists and clients for making our donations possible every month. We donate 1% of our monthly revenue to crucial conservation organizations, giving a voice to species in need that struggle to be heard. 

Why tigers?

Tigers are loved across the world for their grace and power, yet they are still endangered after years of conservation efforts. There are only 3,900 tigers left in the wild, and they cover only 4% of their historical range across Asia. Without targeted conservation work, their numbers will continue to dwindle due to habitat loss, poaching, and human conflict.

As top predators in their ecosystems, they help to maintain balance. Without tigers, large grazing animals can spread too widely and strip large areas of plant life. Without rich plant growth, small animals have nowhere to shelter and move on to different habitats. Life on this planet is delicate, and the loss of one species has harmful knock-on effects felt across the region. 


Panthera is the only dedicated conservation charity protecting every single species of wild cat, from big cats like tigers, lions, and leopards; down to endangered small cats like the Iberian lynx or Andean mountain cat that few people have heard of, and fewer seen. They want to ensure a future for wild cats and their habitats, through scientific research and conservation efforts. 

Their programs span the globe, working with governments and local communities to preserve habitats, combat poaching, and develop a research and conservation network. Their focus is on conservation which is locally relevant, achievable, and effective. 

The power of partnership

Together, we can achieve more. Our donation will help to fund their program, Tigers Forever, and reach their goal of increasing tiger numbers by 50%. Active in six countries including India, Malaysia, and Nepal, their strategy focuses on training and monitoring to protect known tiger habitats and identify new ones.  

There are many ways to support Panthera’s goal of preserving a world where wild cats can thrive. Donations allow them to continue their training programs, and purchase technology that helps anti-poaching patrols deter poachers. And in sharing their stories, you can help others to understand the threats facing tigers, persuading others to take action and speak up for species without a voice. 

By choosing LEX, our clients can speak for wild cats through their business. We are proud to give a platform to causes that matter, and make threatened species heard.