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Our Giving.

With your support, LEX Reception is Giving Back 1% monthly to global conservation projects that protect endangered species. Together we can hear those in need and help to make a difference.


MAY 2023


International Rhino Foundation

We could lose the world’s rhinos within our lifetime. LEX annual partner International Rhino Foundation strives to keep the five rhino species alive, and is raising awareness of their plight on 5/5.

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  • Redknots

    APRIL 2023



    Birdlife International

    BirdLife International is entering a second year of collaborating with LEX Reception to protect endangered shorebirds that migrate across the Americas.

  • Howler Monkeys

    MARCH 2023

    Howler Monkeys

    Howler Monkeys.

    Rainforest Conern

    Rainforest Concern is an annual Giving Back partner of LEX, so when we heard that the nonprofit’s team member Katherine was visiting Ecuador, we couldn’t wait to find out more.

  • Monk Seals

    FEBRUARY 2023

    Monk Seals

    Monk Seals.

    Hawai’i Marine Animal Response

    Over the coming year, Hawai’i Marine Animal Response will check in with news of their vital work during Hawaiian monk seal pupping season and seabird fallout season and about their sea turtle nesting surveys.

  • Boreal Caribou

    JANUARY 2023

    Boreal Caribou

    Boreal Caribou.

    Nature Canada

    Over 400,000 hectares of Caribou habitat is destroyed each year. We are proud to support Nature Canada’s work to protect the forests and the Boreal Caribou who live there.

  • Red Knots

    OCTOBER 2022

    Red Knots

    Red Knots.

    Friends of Birdlife

    The red knot is a beloved visitor to our US shores, but their populations are declining quickly. By partnering with Birdlife, our donation will conserve key habits and food sources for migratory birds across the USA.

  • Leopards

    SEPTEMBER 2022



    Wildlife SOS

    In India, millions live in close proximity to endangered species, and this can put everyone at risk. We are proud to support Wildlife SOS’s rescue hotline, helping to protect humans and animals from conflict.

  • African Elephants

    AUGUST 2022

    African Elephants

    African Elephants.

    African Wildlife Foundation

    African elephants should dominate the landscape, but they are consistently killed by poachers. We are proud to partner with AWF to provide judicial training for those involved in elephant conservation.

  • Spectacled Bears

    JULY 2022

    Spectacled Bears

    Spectacled Bears.

    Rainforest Concern

    Ecuador is home to more than 2500 endangered species. We donated to support their groundbreaking legal work, protecting key habitats from mining using the rights of nature.

  • Right Whales

    JUNE 2022

    Right Whales

    Right Whales.

    Whale and Dolphin Conservation

    Our Atlantic coast neighbors, the right whales, need our help. There are fewer than 340 individuals left. That’s why we’re proud to donate to WDC to support their engagement and policy work.

  • Indian Rhinos

    MAY 2022

    Indian Rhinos

    Indian Rhinos.

    International Rhino Foundation

    Last year, we were proud to support the IRF in delivering legal training for forest rangers in South Africa. This month, our donation will provide up to five training courses run for park guards and law enforcement in India.

  • Red Pandas

    APRIL 2022

    Red Pandas

    Red Pandas.

    Red Panda Network

    Red panda numbers have declined by 50% in the last 20 years. Our donation will sponsor training and pay for Forest Guardians: locals who monitor and protect key red panda habitats and use their knowledge to educate their community.

  • Bumble Bees

    MARCH 2022

    Bumble Bees

    Bumble Bees.

    Xerces Society

    A quarter of all North American bumble bees are facing extinction risks. Our support for Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation will help to survey existing populations and promote habitat creation.

  • Wolves

    FEBRUARY 2022



    Wolf Conservation Center

    By giving back to the Wolf Conservation Center, we support the breeding and reintroduction of critically endangered Mexican Gray Wolves through the Species Survival Plan.

  • Hawksbill Turtles

    JANUARY 2022

    Hawksbill Turtles

    Hawksbill Turtles.

    Hawaii Marine Animal Response

    Our support will help the HMAR team respond to threatened sea turtles and other protected marine species across Hawaii's islands.

  • Pumas

    DECEMBER 2021




    Also known as cougars or mountain lions, pumas were almost eliminated from the eastern half of the US. Our donation will support their Olympic Cougar Project, helping to monitor populations and promote co-existence with local communities.

  • Asian Sharks

    NOVEMBER 2021

    Asian Sharks

    Asian Sharks.

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

    We gave back to the Sea Shepherd team, sponsoring their patrols to catch illegal fishing operations targeting sharks in Southeast Asia.

  • Vaquita Porpoises

    OCTOBER 2021

    Vaquita Porpoises

    Vaquita Porpoises.

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

    Our donation will support the Sea Shepherds in their mission to remove illegal fishing gear to protect the remaining ten vaquita.

  • Song Thrushes

    SEPTEMBER 2021

    Song Thrushes

    Song Thrushes.

    Scottish Wildlife Trust

    With our clients, we will support the Scottish Wildlife Trust's woodland habitat restoration, creating homes for Red List Species like the song thrush on the doorstep of our Aberfoyle hub.

  • Asian Elephants

    AUGUST 2021

    Asian Elephants

    Asian Elephants.

    Wildlife SOS

    LEX's donation will help to provide a comfortable and safe home for rescued elephants by expanding their elephant.

  • Tigers

    JULY 2021




    We supported Panthera's Tigers Forever program, with the aim of increasing tiger numbers by 50% across key sites through anti-poaching technology

  • Rhinos

    JUNE 2021



    International Rhino Foundation

    With the International Rhino Foundation, we helped to fund legal training for rangers to bring poachers to justice in the courts.

  • Mountain Gorillas

    MAY 2021

    Mountain Gorillas

    Mountain Gorillas.

    Gorilla Doctors

    LEX's donation will provide equipment for Gorilla Doctors to bring veterinary care to ill and injured gorillas in the wild.

  • Sharks

    APRIL 2021



    Shark Research Institute

    LEX sponsored the Shark Research Institute to advocate for increased shark protections at a global conference.

  • Polar Bears

    MARCH 2021

    Polar Bears

    Polar Bears.

    Canadian Polar Bear Habitat

    Through our donation, LEX supported the Canadian Polar Bear Habitat's educational programs for communities living alongside wild bears.

  • African Elephants

    FEBRUARY 2021

    African Elephants

    African Elephants.

    World Wide Fund For Nature

    LEX and our clients championed elephant protection in Africa, helping to preserve habitats and reduce poaching.

  • Penguins

    JANUARY 2021




    Our giving will help Oceanites research penguin populations in the Antarctic, to understand the impact of climate change.

  • Wolves

    NOVEMBER 2020



    Wolf Conservation Center

    With seven red wolves left in the wild, our donation to the Wolf Conservation Center will support their breeding program.

Why Hear More?

As a legal answering service, we hear more from our clients and your callers who are in need. Continuing our focus of hearing others, we pledge to hear more from endangered species and give back to causes that matter.

We do this by donating 1% of our revenue monthly to wildlife conservation organizations. Thanks to your business and support, we can all hear more and give a voice to help species in need.

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