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Legal Intake
Answering Service
for Law Firms.

Plans & Pricing
Group of people discussing in a meeting Professional support on every call
Legal intake professional

Professional support on
every call.

Make a great first impression with LEX's 24/7 legal receptionists. Our legal intake professionals act as an extension of your firm, ensuring no opportunity is missed during the onboarding process.

Designed for lawyers, handled by intake experts.

LEX's legal client intake services alleviate the pressures of modern legal practices, creating a better client experience and a lighter workload for your firm. LEX agents ask the right questions so you don't have to, freeing up your time to focus on your caseload.

  • Comprehensive client screening
  • Tailored lead qualification
  • Efficient consultation scheduling
  • Detailed document gathering
  • Proactive follow-up

Streamline your
legal intake.

Get your time back and make onboarding new clients simple with LEX.

Virtual receptionist taking calls
  • Initial contact and screening

    Headset icon

    LEX receptionists will collect relevant details from every caller to set the stage for a productive relationship.

  • Consultation scheduling

    Appointment setting icon

    LEX can schedule an initial consultation synced to your diary. Clients can be sent appointment reminders - no more no-shows.

  • Qualification and evaluation

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    Each potential client is qualified to make sure they align with your expertise and practice areas.

  • Documentation

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    LEX receptionists can send required intake documentation, ensuring they arrive prepared for their consultations.

  • Follow-up

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    LEX agents will follow up based on your custom workflow to cement client relationships and advance your cases.

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  • LEX's legal intake service simplifies the process of managing inquiries and potential cases so that each client interaction is optimized for conversion and client satisfaction. By handling initial screenings, documentation, and follow-ups, we free your team to focus on legal matters and enhance the overall efficiency of your firm.

  • Of course! Our legal intake answering service is designed to be flexible, adapting to the unique specialisms and practice areas of your law firm. We work closely with you to understand your client management style so we can be the best possible team for all of your client onboarding needs.

  • We understand that client confidentiality is paramount. At LEX, our team is trained in handling sensitive information with the utmost discretion. We employ strict protocols and modern technology to ensure all client data is securely managed, respecting privacy and legal confidentiality standards.

  • Maintaining a personal touch through the legal intake process is crucial. Personalization can be achieved by carefully designing intake forms and call scripts to reflect your firm's values and persnality. We will work with you to perfect these, adding that human element to your legal client intake. LEX's balance of efficiency and personal attention works to show your firm's commitment to client care and helps build stronger lawyer-client relationships moving forward.

Giving More Time.

LEX Reception is giving back 1% monthly
to global conservation
projects, meaning your firm will help support endangered
species around the world.

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