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Legal Calendar Software.

Legal calendar software included in your plan.

Add Setmore
Smiling ProfessionalYour all-in-one legal intake and scheduling solution
Lex and Setmore

Your all-in-one legal intake and scheduling solution.

Manage all of your bookings through one online
appointment scheduler. Setmore helps you keep track of your consultations and meetings.

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More appointments booked

Legal practice features.

  • Accept appointments 24/7
  • Personalized booking links
  • Automatic confirmations and reminders
  • Mobile app
  • Included in your LEX plan

LEX with Setmore gives you more time for your practice and more time for your billable hours.

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Brianna | Senior Account Executive

Scale your business with a legal calendar service.

Add Setmore to your LEX Reception account to streamline lead capture and secure commitments
from your potential clients. Automate your workflow and simplify consultation booking with the
help of our live legal receptionists.

Set up your calender now
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  • Fill your
    consultation slots

    appointment setting icon

    Your legal scheduling software comes with a customizable Booking Page. Add a 'Book Now' button on your website, social media and more. LEX can also schedule appointments with your clients.

  • Capture leads out of hours

    Schedule appointments

    Whether you need your calls covered after-hours, at court, or during high-intensity work periods, LEX can help. Add online calendar booking from Setmore to your 24/7 call answering from LEX and you'll never miss another lead again.

  • Reduce no shows

    Support your practice

    Link your calendar with Setmore and cut down on missed appointments. You and your clients will receive automatic notifications and reminders for each calendar appointment.

  • Maximize your
    billable hours

    Establish trust

    Sync your Setmore contacts with your legal CRM to centralize your matters and spend more time on your casework.

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Add LawPay for payments.

It’s easier than ever to take client payments. With Setmore, LEX and LawPay working together, you can focus on the billable hours.

How it works.

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    Intake clients with LEX

    LEX Reception answers your calls and chats, performing intake on your behalf.

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    Schedule with Setmore

    LEX uses your Setmore booking page to schedule clients in your calendar slots.

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    Lawpay icon

    Bill with LawPay

    Add your LawPay payment link to your consultation booking, or allow clients to pay their bills online.

Integrate Setmore with your LEX account.

Set up your Setmore Booking Page and let your LEX team fill your consultation slots.

Speak to your account manager to add your free Setmore legal appointment software.

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