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Receptionist Service.

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Female receptionist speaking over headset Get more time for your real estate clients
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Get more time for your real estate clients.

As a real estate attorney, you play a crucial role in some of your clients' most significant decisions. But within the sea of documentation, client consultations, and ever-changing regulations, it can be challenging to achieve your goals.

LEX Reception can take care of calls, and client intake - giving you more time to focus on your core legal services.

Why choose
LEX Reception?

Female laywer with client
  • Secure and confidential

    Secure chat

    Confidentiality is the backbone of trust in legal services. With LEX, you can rest knowing your client's sensitive data is treated with respect and security.

  • Professional and efficient

    Save time

    Every interaction can shape a client's opinion of your firm. With LEX, every call is answered with professionalism and warmth to give your clients the best first impression.

  • Never miss a call

    Missed call

    Every call and message will be answered by a professional legal receptionist 24/7. No more chasing missed calls or lost opportunities.

  • Customized call handling

    Taking notes

    Every law firm has a distinct voice. With LEX Reception's tailored approach, calls aren't just answered – they're managed with an understanding of your firm's values.

  • Legal intake and documentation


    LEX can qualify prospects and send tailored emails and documentation to keep the process moving.

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Unlock your law
firm's full potential
with LEX Reception.

LEX Reception isn't just a service; it's a partnership that promises efficiency, professionalism, and the chance to focus on what truly matters.

Don't let legal receptionist service tasks hold you back from providing the best experience for your clients. You can enhance your firm's reputation, improve client satisfaction, and free up valuable time to focus with the help of our legal receptionist service.

Giving More Time.

LEX Reception is giving back 1% monthly
to global conservation
projects, meaning your firm will help support endangered
species around the world.

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