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Mass torts
answering service.

Plans & Pricing
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Managing plaintiffs made simple.

Managing the volume of inquiries following a mass tort can be overwhelming. With custom scripting, LEX Reception can help you identify those with a strong case. Prioritize urgent cases with all call information available instantly, or let LEX schedule appointments with qualified clients on your behalf.

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Easing your
administrative burden.

LEX Reception's mass tort answering service is designed to help your law firm scale up to meet the demands of widespread injustice. Our dedicated legal answering service takes care of your calls, messages, and legal intake – freeing up your time to focus on delivering exceptional legal care.

Why choose LEX

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  • Tailored solutions for mass
    tort attorneys

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    Mass tort cases are demanding - with many intricate layers and complexities. With LEX, you can create custom scripts to pre-qualify potential clients and prioritize who to call back.

  • A suite of tools and

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    With tools and software solutions that seamlessly fit into your practice, the intricacies of managing a mass tort practice become less daunting, allowing you to focus on the core of your profession.

  • 24/7 call coverage

    Phone call

    Clients affected by mass torts may be suffering from trauma and will require empathy and support throughout their legal journey. LEX agents are available 24/7 to provide peace of mind.

  • Focus on building your law

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    By managing call coverage and legal intake services, the invaluable gift you receive is time. Time that allows you to foster connections, strategize growth, and hone-in on delivering exceptional services to your clients.

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Unlock your law firm's full potential.

With a mass torts phone answering service you get the freedom to practice and to grow. LEX integrates seamlessly with existing legal software for an efficient workflow where no lead is left behind.

Outbound follow-up ensures that strong cases don’t slip away to competitors and helps you win more clients 24/7. Discover all of LEX’s features to enhance your practice, improve client communication, and get more time for what matters.

Giving More Time.

LEX Reception is giving back 1% monthly
to global conservation
projects, meaning your firm will help support endangered
species around the world.

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Lifelong Learning.

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