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Giving Back

Giving back woodland: the song thrush.

LEX Reception has a pledge – to give back 1% of our revenue to species in need, from the largest to the smallest. In September, we are supporting one of the little guys, the song thrush. The song thrush is… Continue Reading →

Wildlife SOS: A long-awaited shelter for elephants

We pledge to give back to our planet and the incredible animals that share it with us. In August, we are donating 1% of our revenue to Wildlife SOS, a non-profit devoted to protecting Indian wildlife.

Protecting Tigers Forever with Panthera

This month, our mission to hear more has taken us to Panthera, a non-profit that develops conservation projects aimed at preserving wild cats across the world. Like them, we hope to see a world where all cats can thrive in… Continue Reading →

Delivering justice for rhinos with the IRF

In our mission to hear more, we have reached out to the International Rhino Foundation to support their crucial work protecting endangered rhinos around the world.  By donating 1% of our monthly revenue to support global conservation projects, we can… Continue Reading →

Donating to Gorilla Doctors’ conservation work

At LEX Reception, our mission is to hear more. For the month of May, we have chosen to donate to Gorilla Doctors, a non-profit veterinary project which monitors the health of mountain and eastern lowland gorillas.

Supporting shark research and protection

We have a commitment to each other and to the planet. For April, we have chosen to donate to the Shark Research Institute, a non-profit using scientific data to educate and change attitudes to the shark.

Giving for Polar Bear research and education

LEX Reception is on a mission to hear more. Listening to species in need led us to the Canadian Polar Bear Habitat, a non-profit committed to polar bear research and education.

Giving back: Protecting elephant habitats

In February 2021, we upheld our commitment to hear more of those in need by supporting the World Wide Fund for Nature’s work with elephants across the globe.

Giving back: Penguin research with Oceanites

For our commitment to wildlife conservation, we have chosen an organization that has been doing amazing work in penguin research: Oceanites.

Giving back at Thanksgiving: Save the red wolf

Giving back LEX Reception is proud to be launching our Giving Back initiative this Thanksgiving. Each month, we will be supporting a different wildlife conservation project to protect threatened species and promote balance around the world.  We’re so excited to… Continue Reading →