Ending illegal trafficking and persecution of animals for good. TRACE was founded in 2006 to protect precious wildlife by supporting forensic science in wildlife conservation.

Today, it’s an international organization with links to national law enforcement which supports evidence gathering, crime scene investigation, and new laboratories across the globe.

Securing The Evidence

For forensic evidence to be admissible in court, wildlife law enforcement agencies must be able to securely manage evidence from the moment it is identified at a crime scene until it enters the courtroom.

TRACE is helping national agencies to improve their operating procedures and assess their current capacity – meaning evidence that is key to the prosecution is kept safely.

Expert Witness Training

TRACE offers expert witness training to forensic scientists and provides wildlife forensic awareness training to the legal profession through a combination of in-person and online training courses.

LEX Reception is proud to have sponsored The Annual Conference in Tanzania which brought together lawyers, judges, and experts from across Africa. With a host of talks, workshops, and sessions, attendees were able to share their knowledge and work to improve how evidence is presented in court.

New Ways of Working

Along with a wide range of support given to organizations, TRACE also develops its own forensic tools. This has included new DNA tools for investigating poaching and illegal trade. Their methods are validated, published in peer-reviewed journals, and made freely available to labs around the world.

This vital work has supported investigations for animals such as elephants, lions, pangolins, tigers, and rhinos.

Meet The Team

Professor Rob Ogden heads up operations for TRACE along with a talented, international team of wildlife forensics specialists. From crime scene to courtroom, each member of the team has a great passion and love for wildlife – seeking to bring justice through their tireless work in the field.

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