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Simplify connection.
It takes effort to build-and keep-relationships with your clients and customers. LexReception makes it easier.

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  • Transfer My Call

    LexReception can transfer calls without announcing callers first, whichever you prefer.

  • Screen My Calls

    Receptionists are gatekeepers. We deliver the right calls at the right time.

  • Relay My Message

    People trust people, not machines, with their messages. We get the spelling, tone and priority right. You can't get that from voicemail.

  • Take My Appointment

    Not only can LexReception schedule appointments and meetings, we'll follow up with email confirmations.

  • Help With My Order

    If your customers have a shipping, product or policy question, we can quickly (and confidently) answer.

  • Answer My Question

    Whatever a caller's query, we'll respond genuinely and professionally, with a focus on actually resolving it.

  • Call Me

    One method is "click to call:" Customers enter their phone number with their question, and we call them back. Customers love this because they don't pay for outgoing calls. Companies love this because it brings in customers.

  • Text Me

    We can send you SMS reminders or text heads-ups. Simple is sometimes best.

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