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Legal call answering
for employment and
labor law firms.

Plans & Pricing
Receptionist speaking over headset Meeting the demands of employment and labor law

Meeting the demands of employment and labor law.

Between client meetings, negotiation court appearances, paperwork, and an ever-ringing phone, there is so much demand for your attention. Every tick of the clock brings a new challenge, but with LEX Reception, you can focus on your cases and be there for more clients.

Why choose LEX

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  • Knowledgeable legal


    With detailed messages, lead qualification, and client intake, you can prioritize which clients to follow up with first. Your clients and prospects are always in knowledgeable hands, saving you precious minutes - and billable hours.

  • Customized call handling.

    Note taking

    LEX Reception offers customizable solutions from scripting and client intake, to document sending and appointment reminders. This means your clients experience a tailored approach that feels like part of your firm.

  • 24/7 availability.

    Phone call

    A midnight call to your firm might be as crucial as one at noon. While you get your well-deserved rest or concentrate on complex legal matters, your clients always find an understanding voice to assist them.

  • Confidentiality and

    Secure chat

    Confidentiality is sacred. It's about compliance and the trust your clients place in you. LEX Reception safeguards this trust with every call, ensuring that the data and details of your clients are protected.

  • Enhance your

    Man with briefcase icon

    Reputation is everything. Each call is an opportunity to reinforce your firm's stature, dedication, and caliber. Dive into our comprehensive guide on improving client intake in law firms and explore how to elevate every client's experience from the first interaction.

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Imagine the possibilities with more time.

Time isn't just about hours and minutes; it's about what those moments mean to you. An hour saved from managing calls could mean crafting a stronger argument for a client's case. It could mean diving deeper into recent case law updates or even carving out moments for your family and friends.

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Unlock your law
firm's full potential
with LEX Reception.

Don't let the pressures of managing your practice hold you back. Partner with LEX Reception and discover how our specialized call-answering service can help you enhance your practice and deliver exceptional legal services.

The legal world is dynamic, challenging, and demands the very best of you. With LEX Reception at your side, every moment, every interaction, and every opportunity is leveraged to its fullest potential.

Giving More Time.

LEX Reception is giving back 1% monthly
to global conservation
projects, meaning your firm will help support endangered
species around the world.

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Lifelong Learning.

Learning, sharing, and giving
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