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Legal Answering Specialist.

Harness the power of our dedicated legal receptionists
to support your clients 24/7.

Legal answering specialist Legal Expertise
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  • Criminal lawyers

    We handle your calls securely so you can get your time back - without losing clients.

    Criminal lawyers
  • Family lawyers

    Emotions can run high in family law cases, and your potential clients need a personal service.

    Family lawyers
  • Solo practitioners

    Your time is too valuable to waste on non-billable tasks like calls or admin.

    Solo practitioners
  • Personal injury attorneys

    With high competition, an answering service is a must for injury lawyers looking to retain clients.

    Personal injury
  • Immigration attorneys

    With immigration cases increasing, you need support to nurture your expanding client base.

    Immigration attorneys

Giving More Time.

LEX Reception is giving back 1% monthly
to global conservation
projects, meaning your firm will help support endangered
species around the world.

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Lifelong Learning.

Learning, sharing, and giving
back are our core values. Here
is a book worth your time.

Four thousand weeks book

Four Thousand Weeks

Oliver Burkeman

The average human life
consists of 4,000 weeks. This book explores how to make every week count.