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More time
for your brand,
not a marketplace.

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Embrace what
makes you unique.

Your standing in the profession is hard-won. And your client stories? Second to none. Late nights, close calls, tears of joy, sighs of relief. Your story is more than an online directory listing.

Brand v. marketplace (2024).

In online legal directories, it can be hard to stand out.
Your hard work, expertise, and client compassion are
reduced to a logo in a sea of competitors.

  • 12%

    said that location was the main factor.

  • OnePoll 2023


    of consumers said that pricing was the biggest factor affecting their decision when making purchase while browsing a marketplace.

  • 23%

    said that reviews was the main factor.

But, relying on lowering prices to attract clients does your
firm a disservice. Trust in your brand and leave the
marketplace behind.

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Law is a people business.

The most visited pages on law firm websites are lawyer biographies. Your clients want to know who you are - so show them.

Show them your passion, your drive, your motivation. Show them how you triumph, how you empathize, and how you innovate. Show them why you became a
lawyer - and why, despite the challenges, you'd never dream of doing anything else.

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Lifelong Learning.

Learning, sharing, and giving
back are our core values. Here
is a book worth your time.

Four thousand weeks book

Unreasonable Hospitality

Will Guidara

Essential lessons in hospitality
for every business, from the former
co-owner of legendary restaurant Eleven Madison Park.