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Why your law firm should be using live chat

Live chat isn’t something many firms think they need. A 2020 ABA study found that only 5% of law firms used live chat on their site. The complexity of many cases means that lawyers prefer to handle inquiries by phone,… Continue Reading →

How to improve client intake without hiring more employees: a guide for law firms

A successful legal marketing campaign is a law firm’s dream. When those leads start flowing in, it proves that you have found the right platform for your firm. But sometimes these don’t convert to the numbers of clients you would… Continue Reading →

Effective call flows: a detailed guide to custom scripting.

You’re looking at hiring an answering service for the first time and you’re wondering, how can I control what they say? The answer is a call script – questions and responses for your virtual receptionists to follow when they speak… Continue Reading →

“Se Habla Espanol”: Quick-Start Guide to Bilingual Marketing Funnels

Bilingual marketing can open up your services to a huge new audience, build a pipeline, and reach revenue goals. Check out our quick tips to get started.

How to Sign and Support Bilingual Clients for Your Practice (2021 Guide)

The majority of time someone contacts a law firm, they are likely going through a personal crisis. Most people only need legal representation when they are in a difficult position, making for many stressed and impatient callers.  Consider how intimidating… Continue Reading →

How to create a memorable client experience

The secret to crafting a positive and memorable client experience is simple. It’s communication. Here are our six tips to help you deliver an impressive client experience from start to finish.

5 Growth KPIs Your Law Firm Should Track

Growth will be a key aim for many firms going into 2021. Have you updated your law firm KPIs to reflect this?

Choosing a phone answering service for lawyers

A phone answering service for lawyers can be a huge time-save. How can you tell which phone answering service works best for your firm? Check out our list of the key features to consider.

How to Handle Legal Intake like a Professional

Legal intake isn’t easy. Our receptionists are legal intake professionals. Here are our best tips for legal intake to help you capture and impress every new lead.

Can lawyers work from home and maintain a work-life balance?

Covid-19 has forced legal practices to reassess how they work. So, can lawyers work from home? The answer is a resounding yes – but they need specific support to succeed.

5 Ways to Extend Your Firm

A legal answering service acts as an extension of your team. So how do you make the most of your answering service? Here are five important steps to take.

Is Your Firm Ready For Marketing Success?

To grow and thrive, consumer law firms need to sign a steady stream of new clients. Lead generation can be driven by a variety of different marketing tactics, but you need to ask yourself. Are you ready for success?

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