Nowadays, no company just offers one feature or service. Marketing businesses offer support across every facet of your digital and print presence. Your case management software is a Swiss Army Knife of tools for every situation. This true of your answering service too. 

You might have used an answering service like LEX to take incoming calls. Maybe you use us to schedule appointments. We can even qualify new leads for you. But you might not be aware of the full scope of LEX’s services. 

Make the most of your LEX Reception plan. Let us introduce you to our outbound calling services.

What can outbound calling do for you?

Many attorneys spend far too much of their time dealing with calls. An answering service is designed to take some of the pressure off, so you’re only handling calls that need your personal input. But while we’re speaking to leads who phone in, you’re likely to also receive questions and submissions through your website. 

The quality of these leads will vary, and it takes a phone call to qualify the lead and assess whether they’ll be a good fit for your firm. Maybe, at the moment, it takes you a couple of days to call them back. For 42% of firms, it takes three days or longer to respond to website inquiries. 

Our legal receptionists respond to your leads within an hour, so your firm is the first to pick up potential leads. Talk about making a great first impression!

What about packet follow-ups?

Picture this. We’ve taken a call for you and got the details of a new lead. We’ve asked qualifying questions to check that this lead is worth your time, and they seem like a great fit for your firm. They’ve attended a consultation, virtually or in-person (remember those days of traveling for consultations?) and they sounded positive about working with you. You send out their documentation, with the last stage being that crucial signing of the contract and then they’re officially your client.

And then they go silent. You worry that they’re continuing to shop around. But calling to chase a signature takes time out of your hectic day, and you don’t know where you will fit everything in. Maybe you do find a minute to phone your potential client, and they don’t pick up. You have to leave a voicemail and hope.

Sound familiar? Law firms go through this every day. But you don’t have to. LEX can help.

How does outbound calling work?

Outbound calling is really simple to set up. You pass on a list of contacts marked for the appropriate action. Our expert legal team will phone each contact and find out how they can help the lead take the next step with your firm.

The first call to a potential lead serves three functions. By phoning back promptly, we demonstrate your firm’s commitment to your clients, building positive relationships from the first conversation. It is also an opportunity for us to qualify your new lead. If, after our questions, the leads seems like a good fit for your practice, we can take them through the intake process. 

Outbound calling is the most efficient way for your firm to follow up contracts. In most cases, your lead just needs a little prompt to help them make the commitment to you. In some cases, they might be feeling overwhelmed by the decision. Some might have spoken to a competitor and are trying to weigh up their options. In every case, talking to a patient and sympathetic person who can listen to their concerns and answer their questions works wonders. 

Make a positive impression

Growing firms need to use every tool at their disposal to stand out in a competitive sector. 

Your answering service may be a more versatile tool than you expected. LEX Reception can save you time so you can do what you are best at. We can capture leads and transform them into new clients with dedicated service. And we can build positive relationships, aligning you as a firm that your clients can trust. 

Have you used our outbound calling feature with your firm before? Did we make a difference? Let us know in the comments below, we love hearing your feedback. 

New to outbound calling and want to start reaping the benefits? Contact us and we’ll help you get set up!