24-Hour Legal Answering Service.

Smiling man with headphones Your calls covered 24/7
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Your calls covered 24/7.

Capture more potential clients with a dedicated legal answering service available 24 hours a day.

Legal intake specialists.

Our round-the-clock, flexible support helps you to respond quickly to clients whenever they call.

LEX Reception will gather all the information you need from a first-time caller with empathy and professionalism.

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Never miss a call with LEX Reception.

  • We make a great first impression

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    Potential clients want someone to listen, without distraction. Our live receptionists answer with a smile every time, ready to focus on your callers. No stressed paralegals or busy call centres, each member of our team is welcoming and professional.

  • You control your call scripts


    Not only is your phone answering service your first impression, we are also your first line of screening. With custom scripts for your firm, we ask the right questions every time to simplify intake for lawyers.

  • You decide when you
    need cover

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    We adjust to your schedule, so you never miss a call. Whether you need after-hours cover, overflow support, or an all-day receptionist, we provide a personal 24-hour legal answering service.

  • We gather information

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    Every contact at your fingertips. LEX Reception logs each call you receive, maintains your contacts, and syncs data with your CRM. Our system can also highlight retained clients and repeat callers, helping build rapport with your clients.

Building Relationships.

Find out what our clients love about LEX's 24-hour legal answering service.

  • Chastaine Law Office

    Chastaine Law Office

    LEX Reception has continued to fulfill expectations, allowing the business to capture leads we'd otherwise miss.

    Chastaine law office logo
  • The Halks Firm

    The Halks Firm

    Client retention is higher, thanks to LEX Reception's availability and pleasant phone demeanor.

    The Halks firm logo
  • Whiddon Law Office

    Whiddon Law Office

    Not only have LEX's services put clients at ease, but they've also streamlined our internal processes.

    Whiddon law office logo

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