LEX mobile app.

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LEX mobile app

Manage your firm from anywhere with LEX Reception.

Even while away from the office, stay connected to your team with real-time updates and insights at the touch of a button.

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Answering Service App

Function at your fingertips.

  • Real-time updates
  • Business line ID
  • Contact management
  • File sharing

Wherever work takes you, stay connected.

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Stay up to date.

From your Inbox, you can check incoming messages and listen to call recordings. Personalize by verifying regular contacts, adding notes and reminders, and giving feedback to help our receptionists build relationships for you.

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Connect with clients.

Build trust by calling from your business line and keep your work and home life separate. From the LEX app, you can access your business number to phone clients and send text messages on the move.

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Collaborate in teams.

Professional communication with your team has never been easier. Don’t clutter your email with internal messages, use the LEX app to chat with your colleagues and send files.

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Control your account.

With our mobile app, it's simple to control your account details. View and amend your billing preferences, edit your business hours, and manage contacts in your LEX account.

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Information at your fingertips - the
LEX answering service app is your constant partner.

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Four Thousand Weeks

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