Legal Appointment Setting Receptionist.

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A full consultation calendar.

Return to scheduled consultations with potential new clients when you are out of the office.

Our legal receptionists are available 24/7 to intake potential clients and book them for consultations in your preferred time slots.


Keep your potential clients' attention by scheduling an appointment on their first call. Streamline consultations with reminders and payments handled by your legal scheduling service receptionists.

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Legal Appointment Setting Service

Legal appointment setting receptionists

Legal scheduling sorted.

  • Call screening
  • Consultation scheduling
  • Appointment reminders
  • Simple rescheduling
  • Payment taking
  • Live follow-ups

Secure potential clients while you have their attention.

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Krystal | Client Account Manager

Boost your productivity.

LEX integrates with leading calendar software, including Calendly, Aquity, and Setmore.

Don't have a calendar software for your firm? Get Setmore Premium, a customizable scheduling software, free with your LEX plan.

How our legal scheduling service works.

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    Select your calendar software.

    We integrate with your favorite booking software, or you can get Setmore Premium free with your LEX plan.

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    Choose available time slots.

    Create your consultation schedule, with calendar slots that offer flexibility to your clients and match your workflow.

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    Add scheduling to your scripts.

    You can choose what information qualifies a prospective client, and when our receptionists should offer a consultation slot.


  • Every lawyer loses time in their day on low-value tasks like sending email reminders, taking phone calls, and qualifying potential clients.

    A legal appointment setting receptionist like LEX helps you save time every day, by welcoming your callers and gathering the data your firm needs to qualify new clients. By securing a commitment from the first call, you can stop prospects from shopping around with your competitors.

    LEX Reception can also help you improve communication for current clients and frequent collaborators including court staff and other counsel. Find out how...

  • Most legal calendar software is simple to set up, allowing you to choose your preferred consultation slots and customize your page.

    If you don't already have a booking page, our dedicated team can help you set up your Setmore Premium booking page. We will also help you create a custom script for our receptionists to proceed seamlessly from client intake and qualification to scheduling.

  • Yes, with your firm's online payment system. This can be an online payment option such as LawPay, or a payment integration added to your appointment booking software. For example, Setmore offers secure payment integrations with Square, Stripe, and PayPal.

    If you charge for consultations, we recommend including the cost in our scripts. Our receptionists will secure payment before confirming the meeting on your booking page. And that's not all - we can also accept payments from current clients, or follow up on your behalf with hard-to-reach clients.

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