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But Wait, There’s More! New Client Web Access Updates

Ever since we’ve unveiled our new Client Web Access Dashboard, our Development team has been hard at work listening to feedback and making improvements. Below is a walkthrough of all the latest and greatest Client Web Access updates: View Multiple… Continue Reading →

Our Top Salesperson Shares Her Best Sales Tips

If you’re a LexReception client, chances are you’ve already interacted with our top salesperson Bre Jones. And if you’re thinking of signing up with us, you can look forward to talking with her in the future. Bre brings in an… Continue Reading →

Small Business, Big Presence

Small business is on the rise. Words like “boutique,” “artisanal,” and “small-batch” are re-entering the advertising lexicon. Studies such as the 2015 Kauffman Index: Mainstreet Entrepreneurship are showing an “all-time high” in the density of small business within the United… Continue Reading →

Who Doesn’t Love More Free Time? (Plus A Contest!)

This is what LexReception does for you. Lex gives you the freedom to grow your business without worrying about who will handle your phone calls. Sure, you could hire an in house receptionist (and perhaps that’s what you need )… Continue Reading →

Is Your Business Harnessing the Power of LinkedIn?

First, if you’re not already on LinkedIn then you need to do that right away before I wander off this blog page muttering, shaking my head and making that “I CANNOT HELP YOU” gesture with my hands. For all of… Continue Reading →

What Is A Virtual Receptionist?

    Everyone knows exactly what we do here at LexReception, correct? Wait, what’s that? You don’t? You mean the words “virtual receptionist” conjure up  a robotics corporation selling what amounts to a Roomba plugged into your phone outlet? Well… Continue Reading →

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