Many law firms lose new clients for a simple reason: they don’t answer the phone.

These days, people don’t leave a voicemail. When your firm doesn’t pick up, another firm will. 

A legal answering service can handle your inbound calls (and more) 24/7/365. But that isn’t the solution every law firm needs.

Even if you already have an in-house receptionist, you can still use a legal answering service. There are two main ways to take advantage of this kind of service when it’s required: overflow and after hours.


Even if you have a receptionist on your staff, they can only deal with one call at a time. So when more than one call comes in at once, what’s your plan? 

A legal answering service can handle that overflow. Calls are routed to your in-house person first. But if they’re on another line or away from their desk the call goes to your  LEX receptionist.

After hours 

Our data shows that just over 20% of our legal clients’ calls come in outside business hours. That’s a lot of opportunities to miss when your office is closed.

A legal answering service picks up when your in-house staff goes home. Most people won’t wait for you to call them back—they’ll move on to the next lawyer on their list. By having a service to answer your phone, answer basic questions about your firm, and take a message, you can win clients that would otherwise go to the competition.

Open 24/7

Whether you need support after hours, during busy periods, or over the holidays, you can use LEX Reception as much or as little as you want. The LEX Reception team can chat through which of our plans best suits your needs. Give us a call on 800-800-9995 or register your interest.