As experts in legal answering, we love our legal podcasts. The legal podcast space has exploded in recent years – and that’s a good thing! More podcasts means more knowledge that both aspiring and experienced lawyers can draw on. 

Then again, that choice can be overwhelming. That’s why we wanted to list our top five podcasts for lawyers and legal technology providers. While you might not have time to listen to all the great legal podcasts out there, you can’t go wrong if you start with one of these. Plug your headphones in, get connected and learn something new.

The Lawyerist

The Lawyerist is a 30-minute long podcast full to the brim with insightful conversations on the future of law firms. Hosts Stephanie Everett and Aaron Street welcome a new guest every episode from the world of law to discuss emerging trends, practices, and technology that attorneys can benefit from.

Start with Episode #340 for a fantastic discussion with Deena Buchanan on the importance of finding your niche, and learning that it’s okay to say no to potential clients. 

Lawyer 2 Lawyer

Lawyer 2 Lawyer podcast is your one-stop shop for legal news. J. Craig Williams is a lawyer, journalist, and blogger – a potent combination that makes him the ideal host to discuss the most topical law issues of the day. 

Wondering where to start? This is one podcast you won’t have to play catch-up on, start by listening to the most recent episode SB-8, Its Impact, and the Future of Roe v. Wade and add it to your subscribe list.

Maximum Lawyer

Running a law firm means running a business, and the Maximum Lawyer podcast is all about running a better law firm business. Learn law firm best practices from attorney hosts Jim Hacking and Tyson Mutrux, as they discuss their experience starting and growing successful firms with a new guest each week. 

Check out Episode 364 ‘Lessons From a Startup’ to switch things up, and consider your firm through the lens of a startup, learning how you can maintain your culture as you grow and listen to the market around you.

New Solo 

Solo lawyering comes with a particular set of challenges. Hosted by Adriana Linares, a law firm consultant and coach; New Solo is a podcast filled with advice, skills, and actionable tips to answer every question a lawyer might have when considering whether to go solo.

Why not start with the first stage of the solo journey: ‘Getting Started Tips From a New Solo’. Guest and new solo lawyer Kelly Roberts reveals her own journey and how she made her practice profitable by month two.

The LAWsome Podcast

Add a dash of humor into your listening with the LAWsome Podcast. As well as frequent chuckles, you’ll be treated to legal marketing and law firm tips from two veteran legal marketers, Jake Sanders and Paul Julius. It isn’t until after you switch off that you’ll realize how much you’ve learned!

Why not start at S2E4 ‘How Consumers Find and Hire Law Firms in a Post-Covid World’ for an in-depth look at consumer behavior in 2021 and how law firms can adapt their marketing efforts accordingly.

What’s your favorite legal podcast that we left off our list? Let us know in the comments – if we get enough, we might have to extend it.