We pledge to give back to our planet and the incredible animals that share it with us. In August, we are donating 1% of our revenue to Wildlife SOS, a non-profit devoted to protecting Indian wildlife, rescuing displaced and captive animals, and conducting research to continually improve their conservation and care. 

Their sanctuaries are home to rescued elephants, bears, leopards, and many more species. Crucially, their work with communities that have historically made their living through animal exploitation empowers them to develop alternate livelihoods and break the cycle of poverty that leaves them with no other option. 

Why elephants?

We all love elephants – there is something about their gentle demeanor that has always warmed our hearts. In India, the elephant is their cultural symbol. With connections to the Hindu god Ganesh, they are often used in religious ceremonies. In fact, India is home to almost 60% of the world’s Asian elephant population.

However, Asian elephants are classified as endangered by the ICUN red list. They are threatened on every side: habitat loss, poaching, human-elephant conflict, and the trafficking and capture of young elephants for human entertainment. There are less than 22,000 left in the wild, and too many held in captivity by humans.

Elephants are not domesticated (like dogs or horses) and those who use elephants in their work force them to undergo “phajaan”. They are confined to a small space, deprived of food and water, and beaten until they follow commands. Captivity is a lonely life, and elephants regularly experience neglect, illnesses that go untreated, malnourishment, or even systematic abuse.

Wildlife SOS

Wildlife SOS is dedicated to protecting India’s wild elephant population and bringing out an end to illegal and abusive practices. Their focus is always on the elephants in need – they rescue, rehome and treat elephants that have been exploited and forced to work. 

One of the most important facets of their work is their sanctuaries and state-of-the-art elephant hospital. Most captive elephants are held illegally in India, but law enforcement is unwilling to enforce these rules if the rescued elephants have nowhere to go. Wildlife SOS sanctuaries give a safe home for elephants – not an easy task given their size! – and work with the authorities to coordinate rescue efforts.

“We are grateful to LEX Reception and their employees.  With your help, it will be possible to rescue more abused and needy elephants and provide them with lifetime care and love that they desperately need.”

Nikki Sharp, Executive Director of Wildlife SOS in the US

An elephant utopia

A rescued elephant needs space to roam comfortably, and our support can help. By donating 1% of our revenue for August, we will help Wildlife SOS to extend their Elephant Conservation and Care Centre in Mathura. With more land, they can provide a home for more elephants than ever before. 

Their elephants are rescued and retired from the tourism industry, particularly elephant riding programs that force old, blind, and injured elephants to continue tourist riding programs far beyond their safety or comfort. 

If you want to support Wildlife SOS’s incredible work protecting endangered animals in India, it is easy to do so. You can sign their Refuse to Ride petition, or adopt one of their rescued elephants already being cared for at the ECCC in Mathura. By sharing their stories and raising awareness of the abuses that still continue, you create a network of elephant champions with the knowledge and passion to stand up for species without a voice.

We are so thankful to our many clients, who enable us to protect our world’s species through strategic giving programs, like our donation to Wildlife SOS. By choosing LEX, their firm is supporting endangered animals around the globe.