We’re very excited to introduce another member of the LEX team. Alicia is a LEX Reception CX Associate and Dedicated Representative. As a Dedicated Representative, Alicia’s job is a little different, and she was eager to talk about why having a dedicated relationship is so rewarding. 

A day in the life

Alicia is one of our LEX receptionists but, from 8am – 2:30pm, she focuses solely on one account, Talking Rain, managing their consumer hotline. “The days are very different to your typical LEX day – they tend to be less busy, but each call requires me to have a detailed understanding of their products and their systems.”

Having worked with this account for over 6 months, she is an expert on their products. Talking Rain took the time to personally train her before she started, ensuring she had the knowledge to deliver consistently excellent service. “Every time I pick up the phone, I feel empowered. With my training and my own learning, I know that I can personally answer most of the questions that people call with. I rarely ever have to pass a call on.” 

Relationship building

In many ways, Alicia’s role most resembles an in-house receptionist. “I really like getting to know Talking Rain. We have a great relationship, and I understand exactly where the company comes from and what is most important to them.”

In her free time between calls, she spends her time on their website, continually growing her knowledge. It’s important she is familiar with all their products. When a customer calls with a product issue, Alicia’s documentation has to be precise, so the team at Talking Rain has all the detail they need to investigate the issue. 

Reassurance and care

As a LEX receptionist, she’s an expert at customer service. It’s all in the tone – even frustrated customers can be diffused by an empathetic person on the other end. “In the end, everyone just wants to be heard and feel important while they are speaking. Most large companies don’t try to listen and resolve an issue, they’ll send off a coupon and consider it closed. I can reassure anyone calling that Talking Rain care, and this keeps consumers coming back to buy their products.”

“All we have are our words to get someone else to understand how we’re feeling. That’s why listening is so important.” Alicia’s unfailing positivity and enthusiasm for her work make her a fantastic member of the LEX team. 

Do you want to learn more about our dedicated representative service? Maybe you want to get to know more about the LEX Reception team? If you have any other questions about the LEX service, give us a call on 1-800-800-9995.