We are delighted to announce that we have been ranked among the ‘Best Answering Services’ by GoodFirms, a research and review platform. They listed our professional expertise and dedication to our clients among the qualities that made us stand out from other legal answering services. 

You can read the full GoodFirms review below. Find out more about the best features of LEX Reception’s detailed legal service as well as GoodFirms’ detailed company research methods. 

How Does GoodFirms Ranking Work?

GoodFirms is an online and internationally accredited platform that lists numerous companies after the researchers have gauged and evaluated them on various parameters. The parameters on which the companies are evaluated include Quality, Reliability, and Ability. After being critically examined on these parameters, the companies are ranked under different categories.

GoodFirms’ extensive research processes help service seekers pick the right technology partner to meet their business needs.

In August 2020, GoodFirms researched LEX Reception to provide a detailed review for legal firms looking for an answering service. During the evaluation process, GoodFirms concluded that LEX delivers an outstanding answering service for attorneys and law firms in the US and Canada.

Why is LEX Reception Different?

Founded over ten years ago, LEX Reception is a team of professional virtual receptionists with 24/7 availability for attorneys and law firms. The company is located in the United States, and their receptionists work from homes across the country. This insulates them from the impact of local and regional emergencies and guarantees a robust and responsive service. The team is highly experienced and can adjust with ease to a client’s preferred patterns and times of business. 

Moreover, LEX Reception takes each of its clients very seriously, and treat each of them with priority. Regardless of the firm’s size, the seasoned team does its best to convert and retain customers by reaching out to them quickly, whatever time their inquiry. The LEX team has always believed in harnessing their great potential to go above and beyond to connect with clients.

Prioritizing Work for Better Support Services

LEX Reception mainly focuses on delivering exceptional service for its clients by providing a dedicated answering service around the clock. With superior technology and unparalleled service, the company offers a broad spectrum of services such as specialized legal intake, lead qualification, client retention, and appointment scheduling.

Numerous law firms have expressed their need to receive the best services at cost-effective rates. By blending peerless performance with flexibility, the team at LEX strives to deliver services at pocket-friendly rates for small practices. To maintain the efficiency of LEX’s services, the team has the flexibility of working from anywhere. This frees them from the distractions of an office environment or busy call center, meaning they are fully focused on each call they receive. This factor serves as a differentiating factor for LEX Reception, helping them become one of the best answering services on GoodFirms.

For any law firm or an independently practicing attorney, it can be a challenge to manage client relations, intake, and a tight work schedule. Partnering with the LEX team can assist lawyers in handling calls and making the most of their leads. The team works systematically to save their clients any hassle, with flexible schedules that ensure your phones are always covered. Law firms of all sizes have expressed their satisfaction with LEX Reception. The team is consistently described as friendly and efficient by their clients. 

Maximizing the Benefits of Legal Technology 

The LEX Reception team is well equipped to make the most of the technology available to the legal sector. Their dashboard and mobile app run smoothly, allowing clients to update their availability on the go, customize scripts and check their plan. 

To reduce an attorney’s admin work, LEX integrates with legal CRM software. Through CRM integration, the company offers to respond to leads quickly, and track feedback automatically. With the help of the experienced LEX team, their clients can achieve much more than covering every call. The team actively supports lead qualification and manages appointment setting and call-backs. Thus, having proficiency in working collaboratively with clients’ vision, LEX Reception certainly ranks in the top business services companies at GoodFirms.

Do you have any questions about the services we offer? Learn more about LEX, or contact us to see if we could support your business.