When people are looking for an attorney, they often research and contact several different firms before making a decision. When you get their call, how can you stop them from shopping around?

Make a commitment.

By scheduling a call or meeting with an attorney on the first call, you reduce their desire to continue looking. They are calling because their need is fresh in their mind, and they are hoping to make progress in resolving their legal issue. By answering professionally and scheduling a follow-up, you reassure them that they are on the right path to a good resolution.

LEX Reception’s appointment setting service

Every LEX client can enable our appointment setting service for no extra monthly cost.

Our dedicated receptionists are usually the first point of contact for your leads. When speaking to a qualified lead, they can check availability against your own calendar and offer a consultation slot.

By syncing your calendar software with LEX, our receptionists will be able to organize consultations around your existing commitments.

How can you set up appointment scheduling? 

Your account manager can help you add appointment scheduling to your LEX account. Before your call, you’ll need to know whether you currently use a calendar software to organize your day. Some popular brands include Google Calendar, Setmore, and Calendly. 

If you don’t use a calendar, don’t worry! Your LEX Reception account includes Setmore access for your firm, which you can populate with your available meeting slots. 

Bre Swanson, Operations Director

On this call, we can help you edit your scripts. After your intake flow, our receptionists will ask qualified leads if they want to book a call or in-person meeting with you. You can choose which options you present them with – if you are working remotely, we can offer a phone or video call only.

Enhance your client experience

Not only does appointment setting help your legal team save time and capture more clients – it also builds trust with your leads and clients.

Every lead wants to speak to an attorney as soon as possible – but your time is precious and some leads won’t be the right fit for your firm. For clients, the next best thing to speaking with a lawyer on their first call is to book a consultation where they know they’ll be able to discover the information they need.

Watch your lead conversion increase and establish stronger client relationships from the start with an appointment setting service.

Do you want to add appointment setting to your LEX account? Call your account manager, or email client services to set this up.