Have you used our LEX Reception mobile app yet? For attorneys on the move, working remotely or frequently out of the office, the app lets you carry your office with you. 

We’re introducing some new features in our answering service app this month, and we wanted to introduce them. It’s also an excellent time to remind clients of the most useful features of our app! Maybe you have it downloaded but haven’t used it to do more than check your messages. Maybe you haven’t tried the app yet, and you want to know whether it is worth it. Either way, this article will give you a glimpse into the many features of our answering service app.

Newest Features of the App

Send texts

Send text messages to clients and colleagues through your business line. Our clients have been using the app to access their business line from home, but now you will be able to send texts to your contacts from your verified business ID. 

Give feedback

From the app, you can listen to your call recordings to find out exactly what your callers asked and how our receptionists responded. Now, you can give feedback on a call recording, letting us know what we’re doing well and how we can improve further. 

Send files

You can now send and receive files in your team chats. Our secure file sharing means that you can check important documents on the go, or send them to a colleague. 

Add reminders

Has a client asked for a call back with you, or do you need to chase a fellow counsel? Add reminders to any of your messages and our app will automatically send you push notifications at the time specified. Your notification will show you the reminder set and the contact linked to – keeping you well-organized everywhere. This feature is coming soon – look out for the update!

Favorite Features of the App

Business Line

Your business line is your professional face, carrying brand recognition and the trust you have built with your clients. Make calls from anywhere with your business ID through our app. Your contacts are more likely to pick up when it’s a number they recognize, and it keeps your personal mobile number private for that all-important work-life balance. 


Sometimes you want to receive important calls from leads if it means you could secure a new client, even at home. But sometimes, nothing is more important than switching off and spending quality time with the people you love. Keep call forwarding flexible with the LEX app. When your status is set to available, our receptionists will forward calls from relevant contacts. But when you set your status to busy, we’ll take messages for every call, allowing you to catch up in your own time. 

Manage contacts

Build strong client relationships by making them feel remembered. In the app, you can verify regular contacts to change the script our receptionists follow. Once verified, there’s no need for our receptionists to ask for their details, and they can move straight to dealing with their query. You can also add notes to a contact, so your team have all the details they need before handling calls.

Customize your account

From your mobile app, it is easy to update your account settings. Edit your billing information, business hours, and team members so that we know any changes to your firm as soon as you make them. Add a profile photo, visible on internal team chats, and make those personal connections. 

Answering Service App Benefits

What does the mobile app add to your service with LEX Reception? Ultimately, our mobile app is for you, helping you stay flexible with the changing demands of legal work.

Whether you work from an office or home, you can’t always be in front of your computer. Stay connected wherever you are, checking incoming messages and chatting to team members. On court days, you aren’t cut off, as you can take calls on breaks and check messages at the tap of a button.

A work-life balance is vital for your health, and our app can help you switch off, without having to abandon your phone. You can tell our receptionists when you don’t want interruptions and we’ll stop your call forwarding until you set your status back to available. With your business line accessible, no clients need to know your personal number and so they can only contact you at the times you consent to.

Most importantly, we’re your legal answering service. Make the most of us! Your LEX Reception mobile app will help us to truly become part of the team. Our aim is to work seamlessly with you and your firm, and your app is part of your toolkit. 

Have you downloaded our answering service mobile app yet? Find it on the App Store and the Play Store, and transfer your office to your pocket.