In every firm, there are some tasks that only attorneys can do. Others, like answering the phone, can be professionally handled by an in-house receptionist or an outsourced answering service

Yes, getting paid at the end of a case is important. But securing that payment shouldn’t require a law degree! In the case of some clients, it can even take weeks of missed phone calls and voicemails to actually get them to make that payment. That’s a lot of time wasted, and an inconvenience for the client that leaves a bad final impression.

We believe an attorney’s time is too valuable to spend chasing clients for payment. LEX Reception can help you conclude client relationships on a positive note. By offering payment options outside of office hours, we can follow up with clients to secure payment at a time that suits them. 

How does payment taking for law firms work?

Payment taking can be a complicated process. If you charge for consultations, you’ll want to secure payment before you block off the meeting in your calendar. And there are benefits to charging for consults, as you’re less likely to have potential clients cancel last minute when they have paid for your time. 

Some clients may feel uncomfortable due to the sums of money involved with hiring a lawyer. Once your LEX receptionists have your practice’s payment link, we take payment over the phone. Speaking to a live receptionist gives clients the chance to ask questions and get reassurance. 

If a client calls your office out of hours, we can take the payment there and then. Or, if you’re struggling to get hold of a client at all, you can instruct us to make the follow up call when your office is closed.   

What do you need for payment taking?

Setting up payment taking for your law firm is simple – all you need is an online payment link and our client services number.

One of the most popular payment systems is LawPay, which is a well-known secure and easy payment system for law firms – though by no means the only one on the market. If you don’t have an online payment system already set up, you can use the Setmore payment integration free with your LEX account. You can access multiple payment providers including Square and Stripe and connect this with your Booking Page. 

Discover your Setmore calendar – included in your LEX monthly plan. 

How to set up payment taking with LEX

You can choose whether you just want your LEX receptionists to include payment taking as an option for your callers, or if you want us to help you follow up with late payments. 

Call client services on 1-866-818-8090 and ask them to help you set up payment taking with your LEX account. All we need is a link to your payment system, and we can add this to your account. We recommend adding a custom ‘Make a Payment’ call type to your inbound scripts, to help your receptionists take callers through the process smoothly. Speak to your account manager about adapting one of our templates for this purpose.

And then you’re ready to take payment 24/7! If you’re set up for legal outbound calling, you can send payment follow up requests to your LEX outbound email. 

LEX Reception offers a host of features to help attorneys save time. To discover how LEX could help your firm, call us on 800-800-9995. If you’re already a LEX client who wants to make the most of your account, speak to your account manager about the best LEX features for your firm.