We’re not fans of jargon here at LEX Reception. But we regularly use the term ‘answering service’ to describe ourselves and our service. That’s why, in this blog, we’ll be clarifying what we mean when we call LEX Reception an answering service, and how our model differs from other, similar services.

An answering service is a company that answers the phone on behalf of your business. Simple as that, right? We answer your phones when you can’t. By answering incoming calls, an answering service helps businesses capture leads and customers 24/7. Most importantly, an answering service saves you time, freeing you to focus on the most valuable tasks at work, as well as keeping work calls far from your home life. 

How does an answering service like LEX work?

When you work with an answering service like LEX, your calls will be routed to our software when you are unavailable. Our answering software will assign your calls to one of our live legal receptionists who will pick up the phone and answer with the personalized greeting of your business. 

You can create different custom call flows for new callers and for regular contacts, which will determine how our receptionists address the caller and which questions they ask. We can’t tell you exactly what they’ll say on this call, because every call is different. 

For all calls, they will record the caller’s key information and write a message detailing the focus of the call, for you to catch up with when you return to the office. If you have call forwarding specified and you are available, they will transfer important calls to your office phone or mobile.

When speaking to a new lead, they will use your call flow to qualify this lead. If the lead is suitable for your business and has the time, they may proceed straight to intake. They can even access your calendar and book an initial consultation or appointment to get that commitment. 

What is an answering service’s set up process like?

While working with an answering service will save you time, the setup process can seem intimidating to some. We’ve all had the horrible sensation of opening new software with little to no support, only one quick tutorial that doesn’t explain half the functionality you see on screen. 

LEX Reception’s setup calls are one of the features that make us stand out. We want you to make the most of our service and that means being able to confidently navigate our display and access the features you care about. Once you sign on with LEX, we’ll organize a call to train you on everything you need to know about our answering service. 

We’ll get to know you, have a discussion about your business goals and how we can best support these. We’ll help you customize your calls and give you guidance on creating effective scripts. And we’ll familiarize you with every aspect of your dashboard and mobile app screen, so that you have full control of your account.

How much does an answering service cost?

Answering service pricing models vary between price per minute and price per call. For more information about the pros and cons of each model, take a look at our pricing blog

Could an answering service help your firm capture more leads? Take a look at our plans and get in touch to discuss your goals.