A phone answering service for lawyers can be a huge help to save time. But that means even finding the time to research good answering services can be an extra source of stress.

There are many answering services out there, with a host of different features and selling points. So, how can you tell which answering service works best for your firm?

Check out our list of the key features to consider when you’re choosing the right phone answering service for lawyers.

Key features


Are you looking for an answering service to fill the shoes of a full-time receptionist? Do you only need after-hours cover? Or do you want flexibility from your answering service?

Most answering services have 24/7 cover, so they will be available whenever you need them. If you need flexibility, find out how they adjust to your needs day-to-day.


Phone answering services have two different models, some employ live receptionists and others use AI to answer calls. You need to choose which type is best for you.

An AI is consistent and can handle simple requests well, while live receptionists are preferred for their empathy and their ability to respond to complex questions naturally. Many lawyers find empathy to be a crucial skill, as they can help to reassure upset or worried callers. 


Phone answering services for lawyers are generally priced per call or per minute. Per call works well if your answering service will be taking long calls, but if most of your calls are under 2 minutes long, per minute pricing will work out cheaper for you.

Do you receive lots of spam calls? You don’t want to get charged for soliciting calls, so find out the answering service’s policy on this.


Always find out what kind of software your answering service will use, and how easy it will be for you to control your account. Being able to check your messages is clear, but you might want to check whether you can listen to call recordings, provide feedback and check your minutes from one central location.

If you’re often on the go, being able to track your answering service with a mobile app is essential.


Many customers are wary of anything that sounds like a call center, as this may not give the welcome that you want. If it matters to you, find out where your receptionists will be based. Make sure English is their first language and they will be easy to understand on the phone.

Does your firm offer bilingual services? For example, many US firms cater to Spanish-speaking clients, and they may want an answering service that offers bilingual answering.

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