In this cold season, we’re considering the importance of sub-zero temperatures. As much as we may dislike the cold, it’s a necessary part of the balance that sustains life on earth. Many species depend on ice and snow to thrive. No species is as synonymous with ice and snow as the penguin.

This month, we have chosen an organization that has been doing amazing work in penguin research for 33 years: Oceanites


Oceanites was founded by former attorney Ron Naveen, who has been personally counting penguins in the Antarctic since 1994. They are the only non-governmental organization researching penguin population changes across the whole continent, and their teams work tirelessly to highlight the impact of rising temperatures on three species of penguin.

The Antarctic is on the front lines of climate change. As winter temperatures have risen by 9°F in the last 50 years, Oceanites have observed the ice melt and disappear from penguin nesting grounds. Their findings are detailed in their yearly cutting-edge reports on the state of the Antarctic, an essential resource for the scientific community.

Why Penguins?

Penguins are one of the most threatened bird species on earth. Ten penguin species are in decline due to the changing climate. Three penguin species reside in the Antarctic, and their changing fortunes can tell us a great deal about the fate of our planet. 

The Adélie and Chinstrap penguins are in decline across the whole continent, as beaches shrink and the ice retreats from former nesting grounds. But it’s not all bad news. Gentoo penguins are adapting and increasing in number. Each species’ success or failure can help us understand the far-reaching impacts that climate change will have on a global scale, and lead us to better conservation results for species in decline.

Our commitment

We have pledged to support their work through this holiday season. We will be donating part of our profits to fund their work, which is so integral to researching and understanding our planet. In November, we launched our Giving Back project, to donate to a different wildlife conservation charity every month.

We believe we have a commitment to each other, and to the incredible earth that sustains us. We want to work tirelessly to champion causes that matter, and protect the incredible diversity of our wildlife here on earth.

How to help

There are many ways you can join us and show your support for Oceanites this month. 

  • Share their work on social media to raise awareness
  • Donate directly on their website
  • Enter our contest to win a $5k donation in your name

All of our clients are contributing to Oceanites in their own way – by working with LEX, you allow us to donate part of our profits each month to organizations that make a difference. Thank you all for your support of us!

Do you want to learn more about Oceanites and their unique expeditions? Take a look at their website and check out The Penguin Counters, a documentary about their work.