Many of our clients will know Latasha: she’s one of LEX Reception’s amazing Client Account Managers. Latasha joined the LEX Reception team from the wide AnywhereWorks family this year, and she has hit the ground running, delivering positive and efficient experiences for every client. 

Setting up for success

Latasha is an expert problem-solver. As a Client Account Manager, it’s up to her to make sure each LEX client is set up for success. This means anticipating clients’ needs, answering requests, and resolving any issues that she identifies. “I love the fact that there are always different tasks for me to tackle,” she says. “It keeps me on my toes!” 

She quickly gets to know each of our fantastic clients and regularly reviews their feedback to see where we can best support their growth. “I strive to go above and beyond our clients’ expectations every day.” 

Latasha works closely with our clients to understand their goals and challenges. “As a CAM, every day is a chance to learn.” After all, LEX Reception is not a one-size-fits-all service. Our CAMs help our clients to identify the best set-up for their practice.

Daily inspiration

Like the rest of the LEX team, Latasha works from home. “I start my day with a decluttered and organized workspace and make sure that I have everything I will need nearby.” 

Latasha’s office is in the back of her home and she has made it into her ideal working environment. “I love to work by my window,” she says. “I also attach inspirational notes to the wall in front of my computer – I call them my Brighteners. They always help me to start the day right, with a positive and confident mentality.” 

Team bonds

When she’s not on call with a client, Latasha works closely with the rest of the LEX team. “Having a supportive work team makes the job even more enjoyable!” She has daily Teleport video calls every morning with fellow LEX Receptionists. It’s a chance for everyone to celebrate their successes and support each other from thousands of miles apart. 

While the team keeps in regular contact remotely, some of Latasha’s favorite memories are meeting her co-workers in person. “I was able to travel to see the whole LEX team, as well as meet up with colleagues near my hometown.” It’s been some time since the LEX team all gathered together, but we’re lucky that we get to see each other’s smiling faces every day. It makes a big difference. 

Balancing work and home life

“Working for LEX has been amazing, as they help me maintain a manageable work-life balance,” Latasha says. Working from home gives her the flexibility to get outdoors and spend time with family and friends. “I am so grateful for the time I get back with my family.” 

If you couldn’t tell from her ‘Brighteners’, she’s also a big fan of do-it-yourself and craft projects. When she’s not finding solutions for our clients or spending time with her family, she creates decorations to fill her home or handmade gifts for special birthdays. 

What’s one thing you might not know about Latasha? She’s not a chocolate fan. “If the flavor is chocolate, it’s a no from me!” she jokes.

We’re so proud to have such a fantastic team here at LEX. We want to introduce you to each and every one! Keep an eye on our blog for more LEX news and team updates.