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Legal insiders Make a great impression

Make a great impression.

Whether you represent a firm or are venturing out on your own, your business stands out by making a great impression 24/7.

Services tailored to your needs.
Day and night, we're your appointment schedulers, your

legal intake specialists

, and call handling experts.

Use us after hours, during a court hearing, or as your all day receptionist. It's up to you.

You decide how and when we handle your calls. You're in control.

We stand with you.

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  • Available 24/7

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    Your calls answered, anytime: in the middle of the night, during holidays, no matter when.

    Your phones are covered and ready for every caller. And since we charge by usage, you get the constant availability without the high cost.

  • Empathetic


    Our receptionists know professionalism needs to be balanced with empathy. They are trained to connect with your clients on a professional level, while maintaining your high standards.

  • Confidential


    Maintaining the trust of your legal clients is our top priority. Our receptionists are experienced in the particulars of legal call handling and trained in the terminology specialized to the legal profession.

  • Professional

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    LEX Reception treats every caller with courtesy and respect.

    Legal is our world too. We talk the same language and align our tone to your brand. It takes experience and care to do that.

  • Thorough


    LEX Reception can gather as much information as you need. Our scripts are customizable to handle legal intake and client retention.

    Our team is trained to verify details. We train, trust, and verify with quality assurance sampling.


  • A legal answering service helps ensure that you never miss a lead. Studies show that 80% of callers that go to voicemail do not leave a message. These could be valuable leads that continue to phone your competitors if they do not speak to a person. LEX Reception answers your calls 24/7, helping you capture every lead.

  • LEX Reception integrates with several leading CRMs to streamline your workflow. You can keep your contacts up-to-date with their latest queries and respond to leads quickly and precisely with integrations for Clio and other CRMs. LEX adapts to your CRM - no need to change settings or reassign messages.

    Take a look at our full list of software integrations to see if we can integrate with your firm's preferred CRM. If we don't currently support integration with your favorite software, let us know! We're always keen to hear about your preferred systems and we are always looking to extend compatibility to beloved legal CRMs.

  • We ensure that setting up LEX with your office systems is simple and stress-free, as our team will be there with you through every stage of the process.

    A member of the LEX team will be in touch to arrange a setup call with you, where we will connect your phone to our line and demonstrate the LEX desktop app in action. At this point, we can also integrate with your CRM, if your firm uses one.

  • Our receptionists are chosen based on their quality, not location. This means we can hire the best, not just the best around. Legal is our world too, we understand your challenges and align our tone to meet your brand.

    Our live virtual receptionists are all highly trained and professional - but most of all, they're warm and empathetic! Most people call law firms at a time of crisis, and a friendly voice on the line makes all the difference.