Running a law firm yields unique challenges as the legal environment evolves constantly. Adopting new cloud-based technologies can make your practice resilient and ‘antifragile’–making it easier to adapt to the changing climate (Legal Trends Report).

Embracing automation empowers your firm to make the most of its billable hours. The Technology and Innovation in Legal Services report found that 72% of lawyers use tech to improve service quality to facilitate their operations, case management and client collaboration. 

Keeping competitive is nothing new, but how you do so might be. Let’s explore four systems that could develop your firm’s productivity:

1. Get on schedule with online legal calendar software.

Technology and automation can dramatically improve how clients perceive responsiveness outside regular business hours. When they need an attorney, people are usually in a sticky situation and want the assurance of having legal advice or representation quickly. 

82% of customers expect a response within 10 minutes (ServiceBell). Having a legal calendar system with automated confirmations ensures your clients have peace of mind knowing they’ve booked your time. 

Using an online legal scheduling app also keeps your team updated with every appointment. Make your firm competitive as clients can see your calendar availability and self-book appointments 24/7. You’re saving time and money by automating your booking service. 

Capture more leads as people can book your time from your website, Booking Page, social media and even email campaigns. Online booking improves productivity as new consultations are confirmed in the background while you focus on current client representation.

2. Reduce invoicing time with online payments.

Embracing online legal payment software is convenient for your team and can enhance client satisfaction. By combining your booking system with a trusted law payment software, you can capture more leads and free your time to grow your practice.

With regular clients, you may provide several billable services. However, how they pay shapes their perception of their legal expenses. 67% of clients would rather pay for legal assistance through flat fees (Legal Trends Report). Give your visitors a secure payment system that lets them pay for your services online, all at once. 

Online payment technologies such as LawPay give your clients a safe and accommodating way to pay. As it’s ABA and IOLTA compliant, clients can rest assured knowing their money is secure in a trust account. Integrating with online scheduling software like Setmore allows your clients to book and pay all in one go. Save time chasing invoices while you’re working on cases. 

3. Automate your answering service and never miss a call.

People who call your office want to be met with a human voice, with Khoros finding that 75% of callers prefer an actual person over a recorded message. Although technology has improved various aspects of life, the robot voice on the other end of the phone is a real turn-off. Even when you can’t reach the phone, you still need a professional legal intake specialist to answer each call.

Your firm’s phone number is often the first point of contact, with 46% of attorney clients initially reaching out by calling (CallRail). No matter the size of your firm, you won’t be on every call–even the best multitaskers can’t answer two phones at once. Even if you want to, you’re not available every evening, weekend and holiday; that’s where a service like LEX Reception steps in. 

Give your in-office reception team more time to assist clients by allowing the legal answering service to gather all the information you need from each caller with empathy and professionalism. By working together on a custom script for your practice, you can take your line off hold while they assist you in converting and retaining leads.

4. Tick off your to-do list with a task manager.

According to Cilo, 85% of legal professionals use firm management software, mainly due to lawyers globally taking on more cases year on year. With an online task manager, you can easily visualize and prioritize your to-do list and share it with your team.

Having one attorney taking on too many clients or calls can impact the quality of service–share the load and increase your productivity. With a legal task manager, you can allocate cases to specific team members and track their progress from the very first encounter. Keep your team aligned on their goals and watch your firm’s resourcefulness soar. Find a task manager that can integrate with your existing systems, such as Clio or Podio, and easily track your practice’s performance.

By implementing these tech solutions into your legal practice, you can make the most of your working hours. Your hands may be full every moment, but by adopting helpful legal software, you can maximize your productivity. And with integrated systems, you’ll find that your firm runs smoother than ever.