Law firms are increasingly focused on their client satisfaction, and for good reason. A good client relationship means free marketing, as happy clients go on to recommend your firm to their network.

In fact, the secret to crafting a positive and memorable client experience is simple. It’s communication. From the first inquiry to their final bill, every important touchpoint is a chance for you to make an impact with clear, empathetic communication.

6 tips to deliver an impressive client experience

Stay accessible

Make sure the lines of communication are open. Find out where your clients would like to contact you and make sure you can confidently respond to each channel. While many people feel most comfortable calling a potential attorney, others may prefer to use live chat or submit a contact form on your website. 

Choose the channels that suit your clients best, just make sure you don’t overstretch yourself. It’s more important to respond quickly than be visible everywhere. So, don’t include a web form on your website without setting up a process for someone in your firm to follow up with these leads quickly.

Check for consistency

Consistency is key in building a brand that clients trust. And the first step to ensuring that consistency is making sure that your contact information is consistent and up-to-date in every place where potential clients can find you.

Your website is the most important place to update, but it is unlikely to be the only place you are listed online. Remember to check that your contact information is standardized across every listing, including legal directories, partner sites, and your Google My Business listing.

Be responsive

Technology has enabled companies to respond to clients in real-time, and this is something your clients will expect. An instant response is a great start, showing that you care about their time and value their business. 

Start by making sure your phones are covered 24/7 and answered in as few rings as possible. Put a process in place for web forms and emails, making sure that you can follow up with these in under 1 hour – before your potential clients have time to shop around. You may even get occasional inquiries through your firm’s social media presence which can be valuable leads.

Show reliability 

All your communication so far has been focused on securing a commitment from your PNC. So you have your new lead, can you relax? Not yet!

This is now your opportunity to stand out and make a genuine impression. To prove your own commitment, try sending an acknowledgment or reminder to clients before their consultation. 

Some calendar software will allow you to set up automatic reminders to contact your leads. While this is not expected, many people will appreciate the reassurance before their consultation. You can take this opportunity to remind them of any documents you will need from them, or provide some background information on your firm. Your clients will know that you are focused on making their case as smooth as possible.

Touch base regularly

Especially during the last year, cases can experience delays that push back a resolution. If this happens, you may find weeks pass without any good news to tell your clients – but that doesn’t mean you should ignore them. Clients do appreciate regular updates on their case, as this reassures them that they are your priority.

Whether you schedule update emails to your clients or ask your receptionist to schedule a video meeting with them, it is important to stay proactive in your communication. Nothing matters more in building a positive relationship with clients. This makes them feel well taken care of, and they will be more likely to recommend your firm. 

Offer flexibility

When you come to close the case, no matter the outcome, make sure you leave the right impression. Always ask for feedback for your firm. Feedback usually helps your team to understand what you are doing well and address the areas where you can improve. 

Another tricky point can be taking payment. While some of your clients may be prompt to pay, with little fuss, others will delay or forget. You may need to follow up with them to take payment. Remind yourself that they have busy lives too. Find a good time to schedule a call with them, and try to be flexible around their work. 

A virtual receptionist can help with this, being available outside of normal office hours to take payment. This process can take patience, and virtual receptionists are trained to answer with warmth and professionalism, no matter the circumstances. 

What next?

Clear communication matters. It contributes to how you are seen by your leads and clients and often makes the difference between securing a case or losing the lead. With great, consistent communication, your clients are more likely to be satisfied with your service. Recommendations are an incredibly valuable source of marketing, promoting you via word-of-mouth and building up your reputation. 

We hope our tips help you to build a great communication strategy. Do you need support to ensure responsiveness and consistency in your communication? Get in touch to find out how LEX’s team of live virtual receptionists will help you deliver flawless communication at every stage.