The Challenge

Peggy Hammerschmidt of Hammerschmidt, Stickradt, and Associates was skeptical when first approaching LEX Reception. In the bankruptcy law and debt management industry, there are no real, middle-of-the-night emergencies. “There’s nothing that happens overnight or on the weekends,” says Peggy. “And I can’t fix it if it does, because we’re not open. So we’ve never thought we needed a virtual receptionist.”

Like many of our clients, Hammerschmidt, Stickradt, and Associates are heavily dependent on leads and maintain regular business hours. As Peggy mentioned, most leads come in during the day. But what about those few calls that are coming in after hours or over the weekend? Studies show 80% of callers who reach voicemail won’t bother leaving a message or trying again. Do those potential leads justify the cost of a legal answering service?

The LEX Reception Solution

Peggy arranged for LEX Reception to take calls for potential clients only on evenings and during the weekend. Our LEX Receptionists function as lead capture agents, taking down information and scheduling appointments. This simple role provides a warm, professional voice for potential clients at any hour.

“When a bankruptcy clients makes a decision to call somebody, they call somebody. If nobody answers they’ll just call another company, the next person on the Google listing. With LEX Reception we’re getting those phone calls. And because they have a script, those people don’t realize they’re not talking to someone in our office, and they’re setting appointments.”

-Peggy Hammerschmidt, Partner

The Outcome

Within their first weekend of partnering with LEX Reception, our virtual receptionists scheduled appointments for two callers who went on to become clients, earning Hammerschmidt, Stickradt, and Associates approximately $4,000 to $5,000 dollars. We call that a win!

“If we had waited until Monday morning to call them back, those people would have spoken to somebody else or gone someplace else. I was sold after that.”