“Law is a people-centric profession built on trust – we want to keep it that way.”

LEX Reception, the virtual legal reception provider, Pledges People, Not Bots, to keep the client experience human. By making this Pledge, LEX Reception vows to deliver a personal service with real people.

Technology has improved communication across every industry, especially legal. Clients now expect a personalized experience from their attorney, with around-the-clock availability and cross-channel contact. Some law firms are turning to chatbots and auto-attendants to offer consistent coverage. But, by minimizing the human element in their communication, law firms are losing the very thing that allowed them to connect with their clients as people. That is bad news for building strong client relationships.

Studies have shown that eight in ten people would prefer to speak to a human over an AI or bot (Hubspot). 85% of consumers have abandoned a call after reaching an auto-attendant – normally due to a lack of faith that the bot can handle their more complex inquiry (Vonage, 2019). LEX Reception’s Pledge aims to put people at the center of legal practice, by considering how the technology solutions aimed at saving time will impact client interactions. Clients that reach a chatbot when contacting a law firm may decide to contact a competitor who might deliver that personal experience they are searching for.

LEX Reception’s Operations Director, Bre Swanson, said, “Legal has always been a people-centered profession. Much of a firm’s success depends on how clients feel their case has been handled by attorneys and legal staff. By prioritizing people, we put every client’s experience first. Technology is a powerful tool that can enhance our communication – but never replace it.”