Taking calls, chasing payments, sending paperwork – lawyers have too many demands on their time to focus on the little tasks. But they are essential for the smooth running of a law firm. In 2019, 76% of lawyers said they felt overworked (Clio Legal Trends).

That’s why it makes sense to pass those tasks to a team with the legal knowledge and the time to spare. With one additional task taken off your list, you can spend more time on casework where your expertise makes all the difference. 

Did you know that your LEX team could send documents to callers on your behalf? And that it is included in your monthly plan – no extra charge. Find out how you could use our document sending service to support your clients and retention. 

How law firms use document sending.

For attorneys, document sending is another method to provide impressive client service. A real challenge for many lawyers is anxious clients – and the best remedy to that is clear communication and plenty of information for them to read. And, as clients search for attorneys outside of their local area, in-person document signing is increasingly difficult.  

You can also use document sending to provide more information to potential clients – both suitable and unsuitable. It will take you no time to send an email with additional information for their research, but can make all the difference to them.

A few uses for document sending in your firm:

  • Decline clients who don’t pass your intake process
  • Refer unsuitable potential clients to fellow attorneys
  • Schedule and confirm consultations and appointments
  • Offer consultation reminders to reduce no-shows
  • Deliver forms needed ahead of consultations
  • Provide office directions
  • Gather additional intake information not covered in the initial call
  • Send contracts and secure signatures
  • Welcome new clients
  • Follow up with payment links
  • And even more

How does LEX set up document sending for your firm?

Document sending is a part of every LEX monthly plan, just like outbound calling or live chat. It can be set up at any time, by our experienced client service team. 

The process is simple, and hugely customizable. All you need to do is set up a Gmail address that you would like your documents sent from. While it must be created through Gmail so that we can integrate, you can – and should – personalize the address to something familiar to your clients. I.e. info@expertlawfirm.com or support@expertlawfirm.com. 

Time to get creative! We can set up as many email templates as you need, and personalize them to match your firm’s tone. You get to control the subject line, content, and signature for each email, to build on the trust and expertise you have established in previous conversations. For your recipients, they won’t tell the difference between an email sent by us, and an email sent by you or your team. They’re always timely and relevant, as we generate and send your documents as soon as our receptionist ends the call. 

All the settings will be optimized to suit your firm. Do you want to be copied in for each email we send? Shall we make the inbox a no-reply address, or set up forwarding to your personal email? Ultimately, you’re in control. Each email will be tested and confirmed to make sure that we represent you as well as you represent your clients. 

What makes a successful client follow-up email?

If you’re thinking about what kind of email follow-ups your firm should send, there are a few principles to follow. 

  1. Keep each email short and to the point. Start with the action you want your contact to take, whether that is filling out a form, clicking a link, or reading an attached document. The more detail you add to the email, the greater potential for confusion. 
  2. Make each email as relevant as possible. The recipient should feel as though you have personally selected the email for their case. If you work with different case types, we recommend creating an email template for each case type, with highly specific information included. This is more likely to be opened, and more likely to retain, than generic emails. 
  3. Make it clear whether they should reply to the email. This will save them questions, and stop unnecessary emails from clogging your inbox. 

Why choose LEX?

We’re here to support your practice; from each intake all the way to final payment. For your clients, we’re a consistent, mostly invisible presence throughout their journey. From their first call or live chat, through intake and consult scheduling, to packet follow-up and payment; we are always available to help. 

And by giving us your ‘low-value’ tasks, you can save a lot of time on busywork. Extra time gives you scope for more casework or to focus on growing your firm. 

Are you an existing client looking to add document sending to your account? Our client services team would be happy to help! If you’re not yet a client, but excited to take some work off your busy plate, get in touch with our welcoming team.