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Update: New Dashboard Billing Options

Our Development Team has finished yet another improvement to your Client Web Access Dashboard! You can now make billing changes, see pertinent billing information, and even upgrade or downgrade your plan in one convenient place. Hit the “Billing” option in the main menu to reach your new billing command center. Let’s take a look:

Billing Report

The first section you’ll see is Billing Report where your current balance and payments are displayed. Click the “Pay Now” button to make a payment or set up Auto Pay with either a debit/credit card or a US bank account number. Once Auto Pay is set up, you can change it at any time simply by hitting the pencil icon next to the payment option (circled in pink below).







Plan Details

From the main billing page, the next section you’ll see is “Plan Details.” Here you can downgrade or upgrade your plan as you see fit. Simply hit the “Change” link and you’ll be taken to a screen featuring all available plans as well as free add-ons such as web chat or online appointment setting.

LexReception 6

Billing Details

LexReception 7The third section is “Billing Details.” From here you can input or change all your  billing information such as your address, primary billing contact and any additional billing contacts. If you’ve set up AutoPay, you’ll also see the card you have on file to be automatically charged each billing period.





 Billed Information

LexReception 10Lastly, we come to the “Billed Information” section at the bottom of the main billing page. Here we display all of your recent invoices along with their status. View them as as PDF files by clicking the “View Invoice” link or filter them by status using the dropdown menu at the top right.

And there you have it! As our Development Team continues to maximize the resourcefulness of the Client Web Access Dashboard, we’d love to hear your feedback. Feel free to leave us a comment, send an email to or call us at 866-818-8090.

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