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Creating Effective Scripts: Simplicity is Key


The script is the blueprint of your clients’ experience. When signing up, you work with a Client Account Manager to build the script our LexReceptionists will use to navigate your incoming calls. You may also edit your script at any time (more on that later). Though the types of businesses we represent run the gamut from retail to high-end law firms, we’ve found the key to giving your customers the best experience possible is a simple—yet effective—script. Below are three things to keep in mind when setting up or changing yours:

Don’t Make It Complicated

It’s tempting to think of every possible scenario and create an action for each one. But if you’ve ever navigated a ten-minute phone maze you know too many options can turn a straightforward call into a complicated mess. The same holds true for a live virtual receptionist.

Instead, ask yourself the top 3 to 4 reasons your customers are calling you. Any more than that can be overwhelming for your callers. Include at least one option to leave a basic message as a catchall for calls that may not fit into the main scenarios. For example: 1. Call for someone specific. 2. Schedule an appointment. 3. Questions regarding an advertisement. 4. Take a message.

Keep It Casual

Our virtual receptionists are known for their friendly phone presence. But even the friendliest voice can be hampered by a stilted script. Keep the pacing and order of the questions as natural as possible. As Client Account Manager Marcie Cummings puts it, “It can’t just be thrown together. The things you say and ask on a client call may come naturally to you, but it has to be broken down so anyone can easily follow what needs to be done for a particular type of call—even by someone who may have no knowledge of your type of business.” Read your script out loud to ensure it runs smoothly.

Make It Informative

Provide as much information for your virtual receptionists as possible. Excellent information to include is: business hours, address, names of key staff members, and types of services you offer. You’d be surprised how many calls are simply customers or potential clients needing basic information. Empowering us to easily answer these questions goes miles towards a positive customer experience.

Our LexReceptionists are the gold standard when it comes to customer service. Pairing their skills with a strong script will ensure every call is handled efficiently and professionally. If you’d like to give your own script a makeover, simply go to your Online Dashboard, choose the script option and click on the pencil icons next to the options you’d like to change. (Pictured above.) Or feel free to email customer service at or give us a call at 1-866-818-8090 and we’d be happy to help you.

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