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How to Sync Setmore with iPhone and MacOS Calendars

Earlier this week, we posted a how-to article on syncing our appointment-setting software, Setmore, with your Microsoft Outlook, Google, or Office365 calendar. We’re not forgetting you Mac addicts! Follow the steps below to sync Setmore with iPhone and MacOS calendars:

  1. In Setmore, log in and go to “Settings” (gear icon).
  2. Click on “Staff.”
  3. Choose a staff member whose calendar you’d like to sync.


4. Click “Details” (first option on top of the page).

Google_Calendar_Sync__One-Way__-_Setmore_Knowledge_Base 2

5. Click in the Calendar URL field and copy it.

Google_Calendar_Sync__One-Way__-_Setmore_Knowledge_Base 3

Now follow the steps below to set up one-way sync on either your iPhone or MacOS calendar:

For iPhone:

  1. Email the calendar URL to yourself, then open the email from your iPhone and copy it.
  2. Go to your iPhone settings and choose “Calendar.”
  3. Tap “Accounts.”
  4. In the Accounts screen, tap “Add Account.”
  5. Choose “Other” from the bottom of the list.


6. Tap on “Add Subscribed Calendar.”

7. Paste the copied Calendar URL in the Server field and hit “Next”.

iPhone_Calendar_Sync__1-Way__-_Setmore_Knowledge_Base 2

8. In the next screen, tap “Save” in the top right, and you’re done!

For Apple MacOS:

  1. Open your Apple calendar, and under “File” choose “New Calendar Subscription.”
  2. Paste the Setmore calendar URL in the pop-up screen.


3. Adjust the settings (such as color or refresh rate) however you like, and click “Ok.” That’s it!

Apple_macOS_Calendar_Sync__1-Way__-_Setmore_Knowledge_Base 2

Now your favorite calendar and your favorite answering service are working hand-in-hand! Schedule an appointment in Setmore (or have our virtual receptionists schedule them) and they’ll automatically show up in the calendar of your choosing.

Are there other can’t-live-without apps you wish we’d integrate with? Let us know in the comments!

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