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Don’t let missed calls become missed opportunities with LEX Reception

We live in a technology-driven era, yet most callers still expect a live, friendly voice when they call a business and won’t leave a voicemail. Astonishingly, about 80% of callers won’t bother, according to Simply put, without the human connection, callers will go on calling until they reach someone, and if you don’t answer, you lose.

At LEX, we are passionate about helping our clients grow and thrive. Our mission is to help change the way the world works, and one of the ways we do this is by multiplying the reach and impact of the attorneys we partner with, by allowing them to untether from the phones and streamline processes.

When a prospective client calls to set up a consultation, a legal answering service like LEX Reception can schedule the appointment and forward the information instantly. This not only ensures clients are getting the attention they deserve by reaching a real person 24/7/365, but partnering with LEX Reception means more appointments, more business and a better reputation for taking care of your callers.

In December of 2018, LEX Reception client Keith Whidden, managing attorney of Whidden Law, faced challenges when his office was suddenly short staffed:

“In only a few days my four-person office was reduced to two (one of them being me). The law school intern and I were left to juggle a mountain of work for existing clients and a constantly ringing phone with questions from existing clients, prosecutor’s judges and, of course, new prospective clients trying to set an appointment. 

In my time using LEX Reception, they have taken after hours and overflow calls. But when I had to rely on them solely for ALL inbound calls, that is when they were able to really shine through and deliver. LEX Reception gave me peace of mind to know that every incoming call was being handled professionally, viable leads were harvested, and appointments were made in Setmore that my intern could confirm every morning.” 

Integrations also help you save valuable time. We have integration partnerships with Clio, Clio Grow, PracticePanther, Lawmatics and Zapier, as well as with many easy-to-use calendar systems such as Setmore, Callendly, Google, and Outlook. 

Attorney Stephen Hamilton with Hamilton, Grant Attorneys at Law sent praises our way when he reported:


“After using LEX Reception for the first weekend, I was able to land a $10,000 case that I would have otherwise been missed had I not had them answer and schedule a consultation.”

The addition of a live receptionist service such as LEX Reception frees attorneys to focus on their craft, their business and the clients in front of them, while still keeping clients and potential leads connected through exceptional customer service 24/7.

“I’m a solo practitioner. I have tried many ways to automate my system,” says LEX client Doug Koenig—Elder Law Attorney. 

“Part of the automation process is to basically delegate the things that I shouldn’t be doing and focus on the things I should be doing. I should be having conversations with my elder clients. I should not be receiving phone calls and scheduling appointments. LEX Reception does that perfectly. It’s the exact right way to delegate responsibility. It maximizes what you do and what I do. It’s a win-win.”

The value of an answered, well-handled phone call cannot be overstated. Don’t let missed calls become missed opportunities. LEX Reception virtual receptionists for legal professionals is a partner that allows attorneys to focus on the big wins. Case closed! 

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