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Our Top Salesperson Shares Her Best Sales Tips

If you’re a LexReception client, chances are you’ve already interacted with our top salesperson Bre Jones. And if you’re thinking of signing up with us, you can look forward to talking with her in the future. Bre brings in an… Continue Reading →

Check Out the New Client Web Access Dashboard!

We’re so excited to unveil our new and improved Client Web Access Dashboard! By popular demand, you can now see handy information such as monthly minutes used, total monthly calls, and other usage details in one convenient place. Find out… Continue Reading →

Client Confidential: Information Systems Integration

Picture this: You work for a successful corporation. You receive an email from the CEO asking you to wire money to a bank account. It comes from his email address. It’s signed with his usual signature. It sounds like him…. Continue Reading →

Small Business, Big Presence

Small business is on the rise. Words like “boutique,” “artisanal,” and “small-batch” are re-entering the advertising lexicon. Studies such as the 2015 Kauffman Index: Mainstreet Entrepreneurship are showing an “all-time high” in the density of small business within the United… Continue Reading →

Client Confidential: Richard James with Automated Business Results, LLC

What does a lawyer and a plumber have in common? No, I promise, this isn’t one of those jokes. It’s a genuine question. And if you’re having trouble drawing a parallel between the two professions, you may be falling for… Continue Reading →

4 Ways to Fail at Customer Service

Here’s a hard truth: when it comes to customer service a bad experience is much more powerful than a good one. Studies show customers are twice as likely to complain to friends and family about a negative experience than share… Continue Reading →