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Client Confidential: Richard James with Automated Business Results, LLC

What does a lawyer and a plumber have in common? No, I promise, this isn’t one of those jokes. It’s a genuine question. And if you’re having trouble drawing a parallel between the two professions, you may be falling for… Continue Reading →

4 Ways to Fail at Customer Service

Here’s a hard truth: when it comes to customer service a bad experience is much more powerful than a good one. Studies show customers are twice as likely to complain to friends and family about a negative experience than share… Continue Reading →

Who Doesn’t Love More Free Time? (Plus A Contest!)

This is what LexReception does for you. Lex gives you the freedom to grow your business without worrying about who will handle your phone calls. Sure, you could hire an in house receptionist (and perhaps that’s what you need )… Continue Reading →

Win a $50 Amazon Gift Card and $599 of LexReception Service!

  LexReception is having a contest! We’re very fond of our customers and proud of the service Lex provides and we want to give back with a fun gift card and a “free trial” and/or gift of service with this… Continue Reading →

Is Your Business Harnessing the Power of LinkedIn?

First, if you’re not already on LinkedIn then you need to do that right away before I wander off this blog page muttering, shaking my head and making that “I CANNOT HELP YOU” gesture with my hands. For all of… Continue Reading →

What Does King Tut’s Beard Have To Do With Customer Service?

  (image via Huffington post) You might have heard today that King Tut’s beard (or his mask’s beard to be precise) broke off, was hastily glued back on with EPOXY and is now irrevocably stupid looking. Possibly worthless. From the… Continue Reading →