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Client Confidential: Cloud Friday on the Wisdom of Outsourcing

If you’re a small business owner, your origin story probably goes something like this: you had a vision and were ready to be your own boss, so you took a leap. Now your vision is getting overrun by all the… Continue Reading →

Does Your Business Need a CRM?

I recently sent out a newsletter highlighting our ability to integrate with your favorite CRMs. Shortly after, I received a reply from a client. “What’s a CRM?” he asked. I gave him the standard definition—customer relationship management software—but I realized… Continue Reading →

Client Confidential: Meet Keith Whiddon of Whiddon Law Office

Keith Whiddon of Whiddon Law Office didn’t choose to become a criminal defense lawyer. It chose him. “I spent one year as a civil defense attorney in a medium-sized law firm and rarely went to court,” he explains. “I wrote… Continue Reading →

Say Hello to the LEX Mobile App!

LEX Reception loves empowering business owners to ditch the office and work from anywhere by having our virtual receptionists available to take your calls 24/7. Now you can enjoy even more freedom with our LEX Mobile app available in Google… Continue Reading →

Solve short-term cash flow challenges and have more clients hire your law firm, without spending more on advertising

Building your lead conversion machine John Wooden, arguably the greatest college basketball coach of all time, attributed much of his success to his players learning and mastering the fundamentals of the game of basketball. He was so committed to the… Continue Reading →

3 Leads Your Small Business Can’t Afford to Lose

As a small business owner, overcoming challenges is a regular part of your day-to-day. According to a recent study by Small Business Trends, roughly half of small businesses don’t make it past the first four years, and only 40% are… Continue Reading →

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